About us

Our company offers mediation of rental, purchase and sale of real estate. We offer real estate services in Slovak, English and Italian.

The motto of our company is the belief that the process of selling, buying and renting should be as simple and efficient as possible.

We are at your disposal to meet your requirements.


Our goal is to help the customer with the utmost care at all phases of mediation, help maximize the value of his assets and make the overall sales process efficient and profitable. We work with lawyers and notaries, as well as with financial professionals.

Transparency of the sale, purchase and rental process

We believe that the entire process of sales, purchasing and renting has to be developed in an atmosphere of complete trust and transparency.

Innovative and personalized marketing

Marketing is the heart of our business. We always create a personalized marketing plan that emphasizes the uniqueness of each property and we look at innovative and high-quality communication actions designed to present real estate in the best possible light.

Foreign customer portfolios

We have a database of international buyers and tenants in Nitra and its surroundings and our job is to find the perfect property for every client.

Maximum commitment and attention to data

What motivates us is a strong passion for this activity. We strive to get the best results, from careful preparation of sales, purchases and rental and throughout the process we take care of every detail, because we believe the details always matter .